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Environmental site vibration has the ability to affect the magnet phase stability and ultimately image quality. In the physical area where the MRI is located, every precaution must be taken to ensure that the vibrations are within the equipment tolerance limits.

Vibration capable of affecting sensitive medical equipment such as an MRI can be classified as either steady state or transient vibrations. Steady state vibrations typically refers to disturbances caused, but not limited to, continuously or over a long period of time by operating rotating machinery or other power devices. Steady state vibrations are measurable and consistent in amplitude and frequency during long time intervals. Transient vibrations typically occur only during short periods of time and may be caused by impacts, foot traffic in the hallways, vehicular traffic on vicinity roads, trains, helicopters, elevators, etc.

We provide vibration testing using state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques. Vibration test results are used to identify sources of excessive vibrations and recommend solutions to eliminate excessive vibrations at their sources. For cases in which vibrations cannot be reduced at their sources, our structural engineering staff provide structural recommendations to reduce vibrations to the equipment tolerence. Vibetech Consultants staff has successfully completed more than 700 vibration testing and dynamic analysis and design projects in the United States and abroad.

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